Welcome to Sideshore production rental studio Mallorca. Check out this great location for your creative photo or film projects. Planing a project on this beautiful island and looking for a rental place to shoot, edit, post produce, prepare, store, organize, connect, meet or just chill out? This could be the location you´re looking for. I also offer photography, filming and post production services with flycam-media.com. Please contact me for further information, I´m happy to help you out.


  • Ideal location in the center of the island
  • Comfortable and cozy atmosphere
  • Economic rental rates
  • Various lighting and production equipment available
  • Additional shooting equipment can be organized from local rentals
  • Located in the city center with bars and restaurants nearby
  • Personal and friendly support in english, deutsch o español
  • 1GB internet access for fast data transfers or livestreams
  • Additional local crew hiring by us if needed
  • Shooting permit service for outdoor sessions