Sideshore foto and film studio mallorca

The Sideshore Studio in the center of Mallorca is the perfect creative space for small and medium size photo and film productions. No matter if you need a location for fashion, product or food shootings, music videos or people photography, here you can find everything you need. Located in the center of Manacor in the middle of Mallorca, most parts of the island are not more then 30 minutes away, including the airport and most beautiful beaches of the island. This photo and film studio is also available to rent as a production office for temporarily projects, as a post production place or as a shooting base to prepare outdoor shootings. Contact me for availability and conditions. By the way:

My name is Chris and I live since 2006 on this beautiful Island. I work as a photographer, camera operator, drone pilot and editor with my production company Mostly I work for german tv-productions and also for local clients. In 2023 I decided to leave home office and build a bigger place for my own projects and I also offer it as a rental studio for other productions. I love working in creative enviroments with creative heads around.