Where are you located?

The Sideshorestudio is located in the center Manacor in the middle of Mallorca. Close to the studio you´ll find a lot of bars and restaurants for your lunch brake. Aprox. 30 minutes away from the airport and also close to the most beautiful outdoor shooting locations of the island.

How is the size of the studio?

The studio has a total surface area of 150 m2. The Ceiling hight is about 4.3 m. The white backdrop has a surface area of aprox. 24 m2.

Do you have light equipment in the studio?

There are some LED videolights in the studio with softboxes on tripods. We can provide you a list with everything available. If needed we can organize additional rental equipment. On the ceiling there are 50mm steel tubes mounted as attachment points for equipment.

IS There any daylight in the studio available.

In the ceiling there are some daylight windows where the sun can shine through. On request it´s possible to cover them.

Do you got a separate hair and make up place?

For hair and make up work there is a small extra room where models can be prepared without disturbance of ongoing shoots.

Can I rent the studio for half a day?

Yes, half day rentals are possible for smaller productions and simple light setups.

Can we rent the Studio as an production office for Our Island projects

If you only need an office or editing space for your project I offer special rates. The space is ideal to organize projects, for meetings and also for editing or office work.

Is it possible to record audio in the studio?

Yes you can record in the studio but it is not entirly sound proof. It is possible you catch some background noise, when a truck passes the street for example.